Axe and Sledge GDA+ Glucose Disposal Agent

Size: 90 Capsules
Flavour: Unflavoured
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Axe and Sledge GDA+

Axe and Sledge GDA+ is a revolutionary glucose disposal agent with added compounds to improve fat metabolism & limit storage.

This glucose disposal agent is specifically formulated to shuttle glucose to the muscle instead of fat and to increase your insulin sensitivity.

Glucose disposal agents have sprung to popularity in recent times due to their ability to mimic the response of insulin in the body. Insulin helps to shuttle nutrients into the muscle cells and is secreted by the pancreas in the body when carbohydrates (glucose) are ingested.

Key Features

  • Helps fuel performance
  • Aids with glucose metabolism
  • May help boost energy

Our Thoughts

Commonly referred to as the most anabolic hormone in the body, the benefits of insulin are pronounced with the main benefit of this product being to help store glucose in skeletal muscle where it can be used as energy, rather than as body fat. Axe and Sledge have not just stopped there though, they have also included the revolutionary ingredient LipoSan Ultra®. This compound has been proven to reduce the amount of fat absorbed into the body. This unique technology forms a gel around dietary fat to prevent absorption.


625mg Fat Blocking Complex

  • 500mg LipoSan Ultra
  • 75mg Prickly Pear leaf
  • 50mg Cinnamon Bark Extract 4:1

400mg Carbohydrate Blocking Complex

  • 250mg White Kidney Bean
  • 75mg Garcinia Cambogia
  • 75mg Glucomannan

  • 50mg Enzyme Blend
  • 400mg GS4 Plus (75% Gymnemic Acids)
  • 5mg Black Pepper Extract

Is A GDA Worth It?

Absolutely, Glucose Disposal Agents are a great tool to utilise in order to have your body make the most of your food - this is especially useful for those who already follow a really well-structured diet and/or are in a caloric deficit and want to fully utilise your food

When Should I Take Axe and Sledge GDA+?

GDA+ can be taken almost any time that a single meal containing a large number of carbohydrates is consumed (minimum 50-80g) to improve insulin control

What Is A GDA?

A Glucose Disposal Agent or GDA is a nutrition partitioning product that is specifically formulated to shuttle glucose to the muscle instead of fat and to increase your insulin sensitivity.

This means that it promotes our body to prioritise storing glucose rather than fats so they can be utilised as fuel for the body.

Is Axe And Sledge GDA+ Safe?

Yes, GDA+ doesn't have any harmful effect, all it does is promote the body to something it already does, just better - studies have found that GDA's don't have a harmful effect on the body when taken as per instructed.

Is Axe And Sledge GDA+ Good For Fat Loss?

GDA+ is a great tool to utilize for fat loss as proper glucose disposal is one of the major factors when it comes to fat loss & unlocking greater athletic performance.

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