Bang Energy by VPX

Size: Single
Flavour: Bangster Berry
$4.50 $6.45


Bang Energy by VPX

Bang Energy by VPX is a zero-calorie ready-to-drink energy beverage that packs serious flavour and ultimate energy. Providing the fuel you need for both physical and mental performance, Bang Energy contains caffeine for mental focus, magnesium for muscular strength and added electrolytes for intra-training hydration.


  • 160mg of caffeine per serve
  • Supercharged energy with no post-training crash
  • Zero calorie, zero sugar
  • Added B Vitamins and magnesium

Our Thoughts

A huge pre-workout energy boost with no sugar, no calories, and a delicious refreshing taste? Easy. Throw in the additional magnesium to fuel performance and recovery, plus the electrolyte blend to replenish the minerals lost during training, and Bang Energy is everything you could want from an energy drink. Best of all, it’s pre-packaged and ready to go - no mixing messy powders on the gym floor or resorting to vending machine mega cans, which can be packed with 50g of sugar or more. Bang Energy is the athletes choice when it comes to convenience beverages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
The highly popular, highly acclaimed Bang Energy is not like your run of the mill, everyday energy drink. It is a great tasting, mental and physical performance-boosting, energy kick without any crash!

Bang is not only here to help boost your energy with its 300mg of caffeine but also support your mental focus, muscular endurance and even assist with hydration through its added Electrolytes. Through top-quality ingredients and an incredible range of flavours, the VPX Team have created a true king of Pre Workout Fuel.

Should I Take Anything Else For Best Results
Combining your favourite Pump Formula and or non-stim Fat Burner will not only enhance Bang Energy but also increase your workout performance!

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