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Faction Labs Disorder Pre Workout

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Faction Labs Disorder Pre Workout

Disorder Pre Workout is an extreme energy pre-workout supplement. Combining energy, focus, and muscle pumps in one easy-to-use product, Disorder means serious improvement in performance, inside and outside the gym. With a hand-picked selection of uniquely beneficial ingredients, Disorder has been formulated to produce maximum results in minimal time.


  • High energy pre-workout supplement
  • Nootropics for cognitive function
  • Induces euphoria and mental focus
  • Blended amino acids for muscle recovery

Our Thoughts

Disorder by Faction Labs is one of our favourite comprehensive pre-workouts. What’s not to love about a supplement which combines energy, focus, muscle pump AND improved training performance? Not to mention the cognitive and concentration benefits, it’s not just your body that will be performing at its peak. Available in a huge range of delicious flavours, Disorder is our go-to when we need to power through a tough workout.

How Much Caffeine In Disorder Pre Workout?

Faction Labs Disorder has 250mg of caffeine in each serving. This is equivalent to approximately 2.5 cups of coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine, we recommend taking half a serving.

Is Disorder Pre Workout Good?

Disorder is one of the most popular pre workout supplements in Australia. The energy is strong & it contains many mental focus ingredients to help keep you in the zone. 

Does Disorder Pre Workout Have Creatine?

No, there is no creatine in this pre workout. It does have some fantastic other ingredients however in Citrulline & Beta Alanine. 

Disorder Pre Workout Flavours

Disorder comes in a number of flavours with more being added consistently. Currently the flavours available are:

  • Blue Pearl (Candy Bomb)
  • Green Haze (Passionfruit)
  • Purple Reign (Watermelon)
  • Red Russian (Red Raspberry)
  • Yellow Fever (Pine Lime)
  • Orange Firm (Orange Mango)
  • Black Fire (Grape)
  • White Snow (Vanilla Cola)
  • Pink Bits (Strawberries & Cream)
  • Rainbow Warrior (Bubblegum Ice Cream)
  • Brown Sugar (Peach Ice Tea)
  • Golden Shower (Lemon Tang)

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