Muscle Nation All Natural Plant Protein Powder

Size: 16 Serves
Flavour: Vanilla
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Muscle Nation All Natural Plant Protein Powder

Looking for a delicious vegan protein powder that doesn't have that chalky, bland flavour? Muscle Nation All Natural Plant Protein is just that. This product is not only good for your digestive system, it is also fantastic on your taste buds!

Perfect in the morning or as a snack anytime to keep you full, satisfied and reduce cravings. Each serve is packed with 20g of protein and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from a high quality roasted peanut protein.

Plant based protein powders offer an alternative so traditional whey based protein like whey protein isolate.

This product is 100% Australian made and owens and usss a blend of pea protein and rice protein to provide a more comprehensive amino acid profile.

This is ideal to get a wider spectrum of benefits and support maximum muscle repair and recovery.

How to use Muscle Nation Plant Protein

For best results mix 1-2 scoops of plant protein powder in 300ml cold water and consume as soon as possible after exercise.

This can also be used in shakes and smoothies to increase your protein intake throughout the day.


  • Vegan Friendly
  • Amazing Taste! Very smooth & creamy.
  • 20g of Protein per serving
  • 100% Natural, Non-GMO
  • Australian Made & Owned

Our Thoughts

Due to its high protein content, this is great to use post-workout after a hard training session to boost muscle protein synthesis and recovery. Muscle Nation are well known for their amazing flavours, and they have nailed these flavour options in this plant based protein powder.


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