Rebel Wrist Wraps by Spartans

Size: 20 Inch
Colour: Black
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Spartans Rebel Wrist Wraps by Spartans

The Spartans Wrist Wraps are the latest addition to our popular accessory range. These are perfect for supporting your wrists for movements such as bench pressing & shoulder pressing.

We are firm believers in producing quality accessories and these took a long time to perfect, we promise they will not disappoint. These wraps have been road-tested by our team at Spartans HQ to ensure they can withstand a beating! If you're looking for a high-end pair of wraps to keep your wrists protected under the toughest of training conditions, these are the ones you've been looking for.

Key Features of the Wrist Wraps

  • 20inches/50cm in length
  • 3" width
  • Heavy Duty Thumb Loop For A Quick Wrapping
  • Made From Heavy Duty Polyester Elastic
  • 1 Size Fits All
  • Velcro Lock

Benefits of Using Gym Wrist Wraps

The primary reason why someone will use wrist wraps in the gym is to help strengthen the wrist itself and support the joint during exercise. The common area where most people get pain during training is on the backside of their wrist and a high-quality rest wrap can help support this.

Wrist wraps are designed to create a strong bond between the hand and the forearm and provide an extra level of support during lifts such as bench presses, overhead presses, and squats.

Our Thoughts

These are made from a rigid elastic material and paired with a high-strength velcro to ensure you have a training accessory that will last for years to come. Ideal to use in movements such as bench press, dumbbell pressing, overhead pressing, squatting, and any curling motion where the wrists' position is compromised.

A great item to pair this up with is a powerlifting belt. This is a great starting kit 

Do wrist wraps prevent injury?

A high-quality pair of wrist wraps can help support the joint during heavy exercise. This increases the support in the joint itself, which can help prevent injury. That being said, this is a training tool and will not serve as a absolute preventative method.

How to wrap a wrist?

To get the best results out of your Rebel wrist wraps, place the thumb loop over your phone and wrap from the outside to the inside of your wrist until it is tight enough that it is difficult to close your hand.

In the product images, you can see example of how they should be fitted to the wrist and how tight they should be to ensure maximum effect.

If you can leave the rest wraps on throughout the entire workout, then they are not tight enough. It is ideal to have them tight during the lift, and then loosen them off, slightly in between sets. 

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