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The Ultimate Powerlifting Belt in Australia

Spartans Powerlifting Belt by Spartans Apparel is a high-quality leather lifting belt, engineered to improve core stability and increase power in your lifts.

Core stability is absolutely essential in all strength and power-based sports, and a belt is a great tool to help stay tight in the lift.

This is known as a lever powerlifting belt. This means it is quick and easy to get on and off in between sets and will last for years of hard training. 

Power Belt will help you brace your core and hold a strong position in any lift, maximizing your strength and reducing your risk of injury. Constructed from 10mm thick, quality leather, the Spartans Powerlifting Belt is a standard 4 inches wide, and comes in a variety of sizes to suit every athlete.

This lifting belt features a white Spartans print alongside the iconic Spartans head on either side in teal.

These belts come pre-rolled so you can get straight into lifting with them.

Lever Belt Features

  • Ultra-strong Powerlifting Belt
  • Premium 10mm thick leather
  • Prevents muscle strain and injury
  • Increases max effort lifts
  • Great for use on lifts like squats and deadlifts

Reasons to consider using a gym belt during training:

  1. Improved performance: A belt can help improve your performance in the squat, bench press, and deadlift by providing additional support to your lower back and abdominal muscles. This can allow you to lift heavier weights, which can lead to increased muscle growth and strength.

  2. Increased stability: Belts can help stabilize your spine and pelvis during heavy lifts, reducing the risk of injury. This is especially important for powerlifting, as the weights being lifted are typically much heavier than those used in other types of weightlifting.

  3. Better posture: This can help improve your posture by encouraging you to maintain a neutral spine position. This can help prevent back pain and improve your overall lifting technique.

  4. Enhanced power output: A belt can help you generate more power during your lifts by providing support to your core muscles. This can help you lift heavier weights and improve your overall strength.

  5. Enhanced mental focus: Using a lifting belt can help you stay focused during your lifts, as you'll be more aware of your form and technique. This can help you stay in control of the weight and reduce the risk of injury.

Our Thoughts on Powerlifting Belts

You should never have to choose between performance and safety in the gym - and thanks to the Spartans Lever Powerlifting Belt, you don’t have to!

By supporting your core and allowing you to brace effectively before a movement, the Spartans Powerlifting Belt will enable you to add plates onto that PB, while at the same time protecting your abs, your back, and your accessory muscles from straining and/or injury.

A belt is a fantastic training tool and alongside some wrist wraps and lifting straps you have everything you need to train hard and hit some PR's. 

If you'd prefer a more traditional pin style gym belt we have you covered there too.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
This is a Leather Lifting Belt With Lever.

How do I use it?
Wrap it around your waist, pull the lever tight and brace hard into it while performing your big lifts!

Who is this for?
Anyone can use a lifting belt, however, this style is more suited for someone taking part in a powerlifting style training program!

If you are into powerlifting or strength-based training at all, you may want to get a belt at some point, so why not get your hands on some high-quality equipment that'll keep you safe and secure while you crush your PB's!

Our Lever Power Belt was designed by those who lift, for those who lift - feedback was taken from those who used early designs and this was refined until we had the result we wanted - a 10mm thick, stiff leather belt, with a subtle Spartans Logo!

The belt itself is paired with a heavy-duty, black steel buckle, with an engraved Spartans Logo on the front.

Take a measurement around your waist, directly over your belly button
The measurement you have should fit in the middle of one of the size ranges, allowing room for adjustment tighter or looser.

eg. If the measurement is 85cm, you will want a Medium size belt as it falls right in between 70 and 100cm

Extra Small: 60-80cm
Small: 65-90cm
Medium: 70-100cm
Large: 80-110cm
Extra Large: 85-115cm

Why use a lifting belt?
A lifting belt is used to help generate more core strength and stability when lifting, it is going to provide a stable surface to brace against, resulting in a more stable core than simply bracing without a belt.

How do I use it?
There is a little bit of a technique to using your belt effectively, this will not simply "hold you together" while wearing it!

With your belt on, take a deep "belly breath," bracing your belly down and outwards into your belt.

With your belt on at the correct tightness, you will feel a physical barrier to push against when bracing.

Who can use this belt?
While lifting belts can be used by anyone in the gym, we do recommend that you learn proper bracing techniques and apply them to your training without a belt first, then as you become stronger and begin to lift heavier weights, then add this Lever Belt to your arsenal!

Should I use anything else for the best results?
If you are at a point in your training where you need a Lever Belt, then you may also be at a point where wrist wraps such as the Slingshot Gangsta Wraps may be of great benefit.

These can be used in conjunction with your belt on squats or bench press, in order to stabilise your wrists to prevent injury under heavy loads!

Can you use a belt in raw powerlifting?

Yes, every federation typically allows the use of a belt during competitions. To ensure you are meeting the requirements, it is best to check the specific guidelines for your chosen federation before competing. 

How tight should a powerlifting belt be?

It is ideal to have your belt loose enough that you can still breathe in and out comfortably, but also tight enough that you can push your upper abs out into your belt to create tightness during your lifts.

How to break in a powerlifting belt?

When ordering, a new power lifting belt, they can typically be quite stiff and uncomfortable to use. The Spartans power lifting belt has been designed specifically to be comfortable to use straight out of the package. The packaging for this product has been designed to keep the belt rolled, so it is easily formed and will not create pinching during training. 

If you find your belt is a little stiff rubbing it down with a damp cloth and insuring it is stored in a wrapped up position is ideal.

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Tim Smith

Awesome let really helps support my back cheers lads

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