GI Juice by Redcon1

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GI Juice by Redcon1

Redcon1 have packed a total of 13 highly concentrated forms of fruit and vegetables into 1 convenient serving of their powdered greens, GI Juice.
No more copious amounts of fruit and veggies, along with the number of sugars as well! The benefits of this don't stop there, they have also added in a whole host of ingredients to improve overall digestion, including enzymes like Cellulase, Amylase, Protease & other unique compounds like Betaine HCL & Ox Bile.

Key Features

  • Better digestive health
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Fights free radicals
  • Improved general health

Our Thoughts

GI Juice should be a staple in anyone's supplement regime as growth and performance start at digestion. If you arent utilising the nutrients you are ingesting to the best of their ability, then you are hindering your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Redcon1 GI Juice?
Redcon1 GI Juice is a complete greens and digestive enzyme formula.

How do I take it?
We recommend mixing 1 serve in 600-800ml and consuming first thing in the morning, or any other time throughout the day.

Should I take anything else for better results?
To complete your overall health stack, adding a multi-vitamin or fish oil supplement is recommended.

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