MOAB by Redcon1

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Redcon1 MOAB

1. What is it? Redcon1 MOAB is the Mother Of All Muscle Builders.

2. How to take it? Mix 1 serve in 300ml of water once a day

3. Cost? $89.95 for one full month's supply.

Redcon1 MOAB is the Mother Of All Muscle Builders.

Being the masters of innovation like Redcon1 are, MOAB has been strategically designed to be your go-to non-hormonal muscle builder that is safe for both men and women.

MOAB aims to limit muscle breakdown and support muscle growth through a safe & natural way.

Here is what can be found in Redcon1 MOAB:

  • HMB 3000mg - A metabolite of the amino acid Leucine. HMB appears to be more effective than Leucine at stimulating muscle protein synthesis and preventing muscle tissue breakdown.
  • HICA 1000mg - Another metabolite of Leucine, HICA also has anti-catabolic benefits and helps to stimulate muscle recovery.
  • Epicatechin 300mg - Natural muscle building agent that aims to inhibit myostatin. Myostatin essentially puts the hand breaks on muscle building, by inhibiting its effects, there is greater potential for muscle building.
  • Astrigin™ 50mg - A patented compound that helps increase the bioavailability of the products along with their effectiveness.

MOAB aims to upregulate your bodies natural anabolic/muscle building pathways to get you to your goals faster.

This product will allow you to recover faster, promote more muscle growth and improve your athletic performance.

Should I Take Anything Else With It For Best Results?

If you are looking for a completely non-hormonal muscle building stack from Redcon1, then try adding Redcon1 Halo to your stack. This product amplifies protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in a safe and natural way.