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The Grind + Hydraulic + Free Shirt by Axe & Sledge

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Axe and Sledge Hydraulic Pre Workout

The Grind by Axe and Sledge

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Axe & Sledge Hydraulic

Hydraulic by Axe and Sledge

Hydraulic by Axe and Sledge is a stimulant-free pre-workout that amplifies blood flow to working muscles. Designed to improve athletic performance and increase endurance without dosing you up on jittery stimulants, Hydraulic combines 6 high-quality ingredients to deliver unbeatable muscle pumps. 


  • Highly effective pre-workout
  • A non-stimulant formulation for crash-free energy
  • Increases blood flow for muscle pump
  • Benefits strength, power and endurance

Our Thoughts

Hydraulic by Axe and Sledge is super effective without being super-stimulating. Unlike some pre-workouts that have your hands shaking and your heart racing before you even load up the barbell, Hydraulic delivers clean, sustainable energy which will help you coast through your workout - and the rest of your day. Formulated to pack an energy punch and target blood flow to working muscle groups, Hydraulic is a natural choice for anyone looking to improve athletic performance without inducing a serious post-workout energy crash. 

Axe & Sledge The Grind

The Grind by Axe and Sledge

The Grind by Axe and Sledge is a complete intra-workout amino acid complex. Containing high-quality BCAAs, EAAs, Glutamine and electrolytes for ultimate hydration, The Grind is formulated for the hardest workers on the gym floor.

With a clinically designed ingredient blend that fuels performance, improves muscle recovery and encourages protein synthesis, The Grind is built for any athlete searching for the extra edge to crush the next training session.


  • Supports hydration for peak performance 
  • BCAA and EAA blend for post-workout recovery
  • Stimulant effect to reduce training fatigue 
  • Contains high quality, immediately available amino acids

Our Thoughts

The Grind by Axe and Sledge is a must-have for your next workout. With electrolytes for hydration, and amino acids to fuel muscle gains, Axe and Sledge gives you the fuel to train stronger, harder, and to greater results. Add to that, it’s refreshing and delicious, Axe and Sledge are going to be your new favourite training partner. 

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