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Boost Your Workouts with Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre Workout

Boost Your Workouts with Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre Workout

Boost Your Workouts with Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre Workout

Do you feel tired and uninspired during workouts? It's time to level up your fitness game! Meet Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre Workout, a special fuel for your workouts. This powerful formula gives you the energy, focus, and endurance you need to conquer any physical challenge. With its special blend of ingredients, this supplement supercharges your training and helps you reach your fitness goals faster. Unleash your inner beast and dominate your workouts with Zombie Labs Cross-Eyed Pre Workout!

The Science Behind Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre Workout: Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre Workout is not your average supplement. It's backed by science and made with the latest research in sports nutrition. The secret lies in its special blend of ingredients that work together to enhance your performance and optimize your workouts.

Flavours & Taste

Comes in four different flavours 

  • Crazy Cotton Candy
  • Raging Rainbow Lolly 
  • Possessed Pine Mango
  • Poisonous Passionfruit 

Spartanz Opinion:  The possessed pine mango and poisonous passionfruit are definitely favourites. Zombie Labs have nailed the flavour profile with their range of pre workouts. Not only they taste good but Cross Eyed gets the job done in providing a juicy pump and an energy boost. 


Value for Money

Price of product: $69.95 

Amount of serves : 

  • Half serve/40 serves ($1.75 per serve) - Using 1 scoop a day will leave you with 40 scoops a tub. 
  • Full serve/20 serves ($3.50 per serve) - On the other hand, using a full serving which is 2 scoops will leave you with 20 serves a tub. 


Energy & Effects of Cross-Eyed Pre-Workout:

Cross Eyed provides a strong kick of energy and a great choice if you like a high energy pre-workout. This is not for the faint-hearted but will help you power through the toughest of workouts. Expect to have a big rush of energy for 60-90 minutes when using this as your pre-workout. 

The mental focus is really good. 

Big energy boost with the high amount of stimulants in the product. Juicy pump throughout the workout as well as very focused due to the special nootropic blend this product has.

Disclaimer: If you are sensitive to caffeine this product may not be right for you as it is potent. 


Cross Eyed Pre-Workout Key Ingredients:

  1. Caffeine 400mg/ Full Serve: Boosts alertness and focus. 
  2. Beta-Alanine: Delays fatigue by increasing muscle carnosine levels, allowing you to train harder for longer.
  3. English Walnut: Enhances energy production, helping your muscles perform better during high-intensity exercise. Contains heart-healthy properties. 
  4. Citrulline Malate, Taurine, and B-vitamins: Improve blood flow, reduce muscle damage, and support exercise performance.

Benefits of Zombie Labs Cross-Eyed Pre-Workout: 

  1. Increased energy to power through tough workouts.
  2. Improved focus and mental clarity during intense training.
  3. Enhanced endurance for longer and more intense workouts.
  4. Increased strength and power for lifting heavier weights.
  5. Better muscle pumps, leading to improved muscle definition.

How to Use Zombie Labs Cross-Eyed Pre-Workout

Add 1 or 2 scoops to approximately 250ml of water and shake well. Have it 15-20 minutes before your workout session and feel it kick in as it circulates throughout your body. 

    Where to Buy Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre Workout: 

     Click here to check out the product and flavours available right here at Spartansuppz. Check for discounts and read reviews to learn more.

    Remember, Zombie Labs Cross Eyed Pre Workout is a powerful supplement that boosts your workouts. Use it responsibly. It is not recommended to have stimulant pre-workout after 6 pm as it may affect your sleep. 

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