EHP Labs Isopept Protein Powder

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EHP Labs Isopept Protein Powder

EHP Labs Isopept Protein Powder is a superior whey protein isolate made by some of the world’s best nutritional scientists. The new and improved formula has made huge leaps forward in favour, taste, digestibility and macro profile, making it one of the supplement market’s best WPI. Critical in the muscle building and repair process, Isopept works to fuel protein synthesis, providing your body with a bulk, readily available energy source to fuel better workouts, bigger muscles, and faster post-training recovery.


  • Ultra high-quality whey protein isolate
  • 27g protein per serve
  • Easily digested for rapid muscular uptake
  • Contains compounds to relax the nervous system

Our Thoughts

EHP Labs Isopept Protein Powder lives up to its reputation as an ultra-clean WPI supplement. Incredibly low in carbohydrates, fat and sugars, Isopept delivers an immediate protein rush without any bloating or gastric discomfort. And because it is fortified with a huge range of vitamins and minerals including magnesium, zinc, niacin and potassium, Isopept will supercharge your overall health, wellbeing and vitality - as well as your gains.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It?
This is a premium whey protein isolate with added digestive enzymes.

How Do I Use It?
Mix 1 serving with approximately 600ml of water and consume post-workout.

Who Is This Best Suited To?
This protein powder is ideal for those who have a sensitive digestive system & are looking for a quality source of protein.

Isopept by EHP labs uses super high-quality Non-GMO protein. This new version of Isopept has 27g of protein in every serving from whey protein & hydrolyzed whey protein isolate. These forms of protein are rapidly digested and absorbed to help replenish fatigued muscles.

One of the unique differences in this formula that sets it apart from other proteins is the addition of nervous system support ingredients. EHP Labs has gone ahead and added KSM-66® Ashwagandha & L-Theanine to help you relax after you crush your workout.

Do you bloat from your normal protein shake?
Well, good news! Aside from the easily digesting protein sources, Isopept also contains extra digestive enzymes. These enzymes will help to reduce bloating, gastric discomfort & increase protein absorption.

Should I use anything else for the best results?
One of the best things about EHP Labs is you can use this alongside any of their other fantastic products like Oxyshred or Beyond BCAA!

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