Lust Protein Bar by EHP Labs

Size: Single
Colour: 5 Layer Choc Cake
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Lust Protein Bar by EHP Labs

  • Desert Style Protein Bar
  • Added Prebiotics & Collagen
  • Contains Vitamin D3
  • Approx 200 Calories Per Serving

Introducing the new Lust Protein Bar by EHPlabs. This bar could quite possibly be the most decadent & delicious bar on the market with a variety of unique dessert flavours available.

These are not just a standard run of the mill protein bar, each flavour is packed with different layers that offer a unique texture with every single bite.

EHPlabs Lust Protein Bars also have added prebiotics, B-Vitamins, Collagen & Vitamin D3.

Each bar contains the following nutrients (5 Layer Chocolate Cake)

  • Protein - 18g
  • Fat - 7.2g
  • Carbohydrates - 5.2g
  • Calories - 219

If you are looking for a new option to help curb cravings at night or throughout the day that isn't going to blow out your calorie total, then give EHPlabs Lust Protein Bar a go today!

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