Strong Elbow Sleeves by Sling Shot

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Sling Shot Strong Elbow Sleeves

- Provides warmth and support to your elbow, bicep and tricep

- 5mm thick

- Keeps vulnerable elbow joint healthy

- Suitable for any pressing movements

- Sold as Pair

What are Sling Shot Strong Elbow Sleeves?

The Strong Elbow Sleeves from Sling Shot are a strong and versatile elbow support device.

These are great to be used in movements such as bench pressing and overhead pressing where your elbows are under a higher degree of pressure/load.

They provide a great deal of support & protection while increasing strength in the movement.

These have been tried, tested and developed by the worlds top powerlifters and strong men so you know they can stand up to the toughest conditions.

This level three material provides support for the forearm, bicep and elbow throughout the entire range of motion. This Strong Elbow Sleeve also uses a single seam design to allow for easier bending of the arm and less friction than traditional sleeves.

Size Chart

*Measure around the center of your flexed bicep.

S Under 11 in
M 11.5 - 13 in
L 13.5 - 15 in
XL 15.5 - 17 in
2XL 17.5 - 19 in
3XL 19.25 - 21 in
4XL 21.5 - 23 in

Who would benefit from these?

Anybody looking to help keep their elbows warm and healthy while lifting, while also increasing their performance in the gym. These elbow sleeves will help anyone with any pressing movements and provide stability and a "rebound" when the elbow is flexed.

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