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Sling Shot Strong Elbow Sleeves - Spartansuppz
Sling Shot Strong Elbow Sleeves - Spartansuppz

Sling Shot Strong Elbow Sleeves

Sling Shot

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What are Sling Shot Strong Elbow Sleeves? 

The Strong Elbow Sleeves from Sling Shot are a strong and versatile elbow support device.

These are great to be used in movements such as bench pressing and overhead pressing where your elbows are under a higher degree of pressure/load.

They provide a great deal of support & protection while increasing strength in the movement.

These have been tried,tested and developed by the worlds top powerlifters and strong men so you know they can stand up to the toughest conditions.

This level tree material provides support for the forearm,bicep and elbow throughout the entire range of motion. This Strong Elbow Sleeve also uses a single seam design to allow for easier bending of the arm and less friction than traditional sleeves.

Being made from a stronger material these also provide a nice little pop out of the bottom of the range of motion in any pressing exercises.

Product Details

  • Each pair of sleeves if 5mm thick
  • Available in sizes small,medium & large
  • Light compression

 The idea for these came about when worlds strongest man Brian Shaw needed some support in the circus dumbell press. He took a strong knee sleeve and threw it one that gigantic arm of his and the idea for creating a dedicated elbow sleeve was spawned.

These give a high level of support but are also comfortable enough to wear throughout the entire training session.

You'll be bale to wear these all the way from warming up for bench all the way to finishing off with some cable tricep extensions.

If you've ever used any of Mark Bell's Sling Shot products you know they don't mess about when it comes to making quality products.

These new elbow sleeves are no exception and if you suffer from elbow pain these are a great training tool to keep in your gym bag for any movements where your elbows are compromised.

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Knee Sleeves - Worth it!

- Stitching along the material is excellent.
- Strong and durable during squats.
- Gives fantastic support around the knees allowing you to push on and harder with the workout.
- Simple yet great look. Not too over the top like other brands.
- Definitely worth your money!


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Amazing product

Very effective, absolutely saves the shoulders. Fast delivery too!

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Excellent well made material, made squats and leg press controlled with legs kept in correct alignment, recommended. More expensive than other brands but well worth the price!



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