The Gut Doctor by Macro Mike

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Macro Mike The Gut Doctor

- Assist to rebuild good gut bacteria

- Strengthen immunity & overall wellness

- May relieve symptoms of IBS

- Support digestion & colon health

- Support nutrient absorption

What is Macro Mike The Gut Doctor?

The Gut Doctor has been developed as a comprehensive wellness formula focused on revitalising the gastrointestinal system, an area of the body which plays such an integral role in your overall health. It contains a nourishing blend of probiotics, prebiotics, essential vitamins, brain boosting and wellbeing ingredients to help soothe and restore.

We know that the food and supplements we fuel our body with play a vital role in our wellbeing, but how we absorb nutrients from those foods is just as important. The gut is responsible for breaking down the foods we eat and absorbing the nutrients it needs to support almost every essential bodily function including energy production, hormone balance, mental health, immune systems and of course, toxin and waste elimination – So, if we want to feel 100%, we need to make sure this incredible organ is in tip top shape!

What are the key ingredients in Macro Mike The Gut Doctor?

Probiotics - Macro Mike have combined 7 powerful strains of the most comprehensively researched and clinically backed probiotics which are renowned for their positive impact on gut health.

Prebiotics - Inulin is the main component here, which is converted by good bacteria into short-chain fatty acids to nourish colon cells and help maintain overall colon and gut health.

Vitamin D - An essential Vitamin that helps with natural energy as well as your absorption of calcium and phosphorus into your bones for healthy joints and bone structure.

Vitamin C - Helps to regenerate antioxidants and reduce inflammation in the gut lining.

Should I be taking anything else with this for best results?

If general health and wellbeing is your goal then Macro Mike's The Brain Doctor is the perfect pairing product. This natural source of antioxidants, nootropics and natural energy will ensure your mood is heightened and your brain is functioning at its highest capacity. Both The Brain Doctor and The Gut Doctor together will complement the effects of each other giving you a higher sense of energy and wellbeing.

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