Kai Greene Banned from the Olympia

Kai Greene recently posted a very emotional video breaking the news that he would not be allowed to compete in the Mr Olympia this weekend.

The Kai Greene banned from the olympia video has gone viral quickly racking up 1 million views in under 24 hours.

Kai is the real peoples champion and is by the most popular man in the industry.

Kai’s down to earth and gentle nature has built him an enormous following and support base.

Why is Kai Greene Banned from the Olympia?

At present there seems to be three viable options:

  1. Claims have been made that Kai and his company Dynamik Muscle wanted free booth space worth about USD$30,000. Kai would not compete unless this was agreed to. This is highly unlikely as booth space of the size would have sold out months ago. There was also much more to lose than gain. Kai was battling for the win with Phil Heath. 2nd place would have been USD$130,000 in prize money alone.
  2. IFBB Politics: Again-we feel this is unlikely. Kai is the fan favourite and fans want to see him compete. The IFBB have no legitimate reason to go against this and there is not real upside for them not letting him compete.
  3. NPC Global: We released an article yesterday breaking news of a new amateur and professional bodybuilding league. The launch video for the new organisation mentioned Kai a number of times which leads me to believe there is something more happening behind the scenes.

The real reason Kai Greene Banned from the Olympia? At this stage we can only speculate but no doubt more will be revealed in the coming days.

One thing is for sure, Kai’s social profile and exposure has exploded and this can only act favourably for his company Dynamik Muscle.

Regardless of the outcome this is without doubt the most controversial event in bodybuilding in some time.


What do you think has happened?

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