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APN Intense 2.0 is a new line to hit the shelves in the Spartansuppz warehouse.

This has been a product we've been requested to carry for some time and after trying it out, we can see why!

Intense is a high energy concentrated pre-workout supplement designed to increase energy,mental focus,delay fatigue & increase muscle power for better workouts in the gym.

Product highlights:

  • Fast acting,high energy product
  • Great mental focus
  • Proven performance boosting ingredients
  • Delicious flavours
  • Incredible value for money

APN Intense 2.0 Formula

Performance Boosters

Each serve of Intense packs 4900mg of total ingredients with the most abundant ingredient being beta alanine at 2000mg. This is a staple in any good pre-workout to buffer fatigue and push yourself harder for longer.

This pre-workout also has both creatine monohydrate and creatine hcl. These are the two most effective forms of creatine which works to recycle energy for explosive lifting. The creatine hcl is the real standout for us in this one with 750mg per serve (this is a full clinical dose). This is going to work in tandem with the beta-alanine to give you the power to push harder for longer and stimulate more muscle fibers in your workout.

Nitric oxide boosting effects in this product from beet root extract which is a very concentrated NO booster called nitrates. These go through a much shorter conversion process to actual nitric oxide in the body so you get a better effect from a smaller dose.

Hard Hitting Energy

This product is known for being quite a hard hitting product that you can really feel going to work.

The energy comes from 175mg of caffeine anhydrous per serve. This is a good dose for increase energy,CNS stimulation without being over the top. If you wanted to really get yourself going you could go as high as 2 scoops (however we'd strongly recommend starting out with just 1 serve).

You also get a combination of 2-amino 5-methylhexane and hordenine which are both very strong stimulants for energy, mood enhancement and mental focus.

This ingredients provide a strong sense of well being and alertness and give a fantastic feel effect to the product.

APN have also added in a big hit of l-tyrosine to help increase mental focus and channel the high energy levels from this product.

APN Intense Effects

The real standout of this product is the energy/performance boosting benefits.

The energy kicks in really quick and you're charged and ready to go within 15 minutes of taking the product. The high dose of beta-alanine will have you tingling all over and the creatine hcl providing the fuel you need to power through your workout.

Energy/focus is strong but not over the top and feels very clean.

1 scoop of this is a good all round pre-workout with a bit of everything. If you wanted a serious kick and a monster dose of creatine hcl/beta-alanine 2 scoops of this will have you ready to crush any workout in the gym!


This is available in 4 flavours:

  • Grape
  • Watermelon
  • Blue Raspberry Pineapple

Flavours are very true to their names and you'll look forward to drinking this one.

Not too sweet,mixes well and a delight to drink. The flavours are pretty standard/non-offensive as well so there's no flavours in the range that disappoint.


This is very well put together product. It uses proven performance boosters in researched amounts. This is combined with a moderate dose of caffeine and some edgy stimulants to have you fired up and ready to crush your workout.

The flavours are great and the real standout is the value for money. With 60 serves for just $64.95 this pre-workout offers some of the best value for money on the market.

This is not a pixie dusted serve either at 1 scoop it's a legitimate pre-workout but if you love a high stim product try 1.5-2 scoops of APN Intense 2.0 and you're in for one hell of a ride!

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