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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Review

Optimum Nutrition is, without doubt, the biggest brand on the planet when it comes to supplements and 100% Whey Gold Standard is their top-selling protein by far.

It is quite a simple but very effective and versatile product which mixes with ease tastes great and has a huge range of flavours

What’s in Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey?

This is a whey protein blend containing whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and whey peptides-in that order. Being primarily WPI the product is quite high in protein and quite low in carbs and fat.

Optimum also added two different digestive enzymes which will ensure this sits in your stomach very nicely and help your body to break down and utilize the protein even better.

Whey protein is very high in branched-chain amino acids making it the perfect everyday protein source which can be taken anytime, even post-workout. Each scoop packs 24g protein,5.5g BCAA’s and over 4g glutamine making it a very complete protein choice after training or first thing in the morning when your body requires a faster acting protein source.

Flavours and Mixability

This is where Optimum 100% Whey really comes into its own with a huge variety of sizes and flavours to choose from. Gold Standard Whey is available in 2lb,5lb and 10lb sizes and up to 17 flavours (in the 5lb size) which gives an option for pretty much anyone taste and budget.

The range of flavours is very good and not overpowering meaning you can easily drink the product multiple times throughout the day without growing tired of the taste as all. Optimum nails their flavours really well and with such a wide selection on hand, you’re sure to find one that suits.

The product also mixes with absolute ease-a light shake in your shaker cup and it’s mixed and ready to go without a single lump or clump.

Value for Money

The range of sizes and formula mean you can really get a great price on this product. The 5lb size is the most popular so we’ll use that as an example for the purpose of this review. This has roughly 75 serves per container (depending on the flavour) for just under $90 making it under $1.2 per serve for 24g of very high quality whey protein. That value is incredible and when you take into account the huge range of flavours and quality of the product it really is hard to beat when it comes to value.

Spend a little more on your purchase to grab the 10lb bag and your serving of 100% whey now costs you $1.10! Ridiculous for such an effective and versatile protein powder.

Spartansuppz.com Rating

I put this at a 9/10. The formula is very good, the addition of digestive enzymes is fantastic, range of sizes/flavours is hard to beat and value for money is incredible-would really be hard to ask for much more from a supplement.

Only ‘downside’ of Optimums Gold Standard Whey is it does mix up quite thin and watery. If you want a thick and filling protein powder-this is not for you. That being said this is very easy to drink after even the hardest of workouts.

If you are starting and out not sure which sort of protein to choose out of the hundreds on offer-this it is.

Great product, great flavours, versatile and amazing value for money.

Who is 100% Gold Standard Whey for?

This product is the perfect protein supplement for any fitness enthusiast, no matter if you are an experienced athlete, or just starting out.

Optimum Nutrition has made this formula very low calorie with minimal carbohydrates and fats which makes it a terrific choice for people who are trying to keep their calories under control.

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How can I purchase Gold Standard Whey?

Buying this product is made easy at Spartansuppz, simply select the size and flavour from the image below and you can have your tub of protein shipped and on it's way to you in just minutes!

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