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Redcon1 are quite possibly the biggest name in supplements at the moment.

The brainchild of Blackstone Labs co-founder Aaron Singerman you know this is going to be something pretty special.

Once you finish reading this Redcon1 Big Noise Review you'll have a great insight into why this brand is going to be a very big deal very soon.

This is the non-stimulant complete pre-workout from the range but it isn't just another pump product.

Every product in the Redcon range offers full transparency on the nutritional panels so you can see exactly what you're getting in every single scoop.

This also makes it much easier for us to provide a no holds barred review on the product.


Glycerol Monosterate - 3000mg

This has a number of beneficial roles but the most important is as a cell volumizer. This function promotes a saturated, well-hydrated cell which means optimal function and uptake of other essential nutrients.

Betaine Anhydrous - 2.5gm

This is the full clinically recommended dose of the ingredient and will ensure you have the maximum performance increase.
Betaine elevates methionine levels to boost the processing of creatine. Athletes using 1.25gm betaine twice daily showed up to a 25% increase in muscle strength.
Betaine is an excellent addition in that it that provides a very similar effect in terms of performance/dosing as beta-alanine.

One of the more unique ingredients in Big Noise is the astragalus membranceus. This is commonly used in Chinese medicine but you'll also find it is excellent for immune health & function.

Agmatine sulfate 1000mg

Agmatine has quickly become a staple in pump based pre-workout supplements being so concentrated/effective which is especially noticeable in this meet.

Now, this is where this product takes a turn away from the traditional. The combination of nootropic agents in Big Noise includes alpha GPC, CDP choline, Rhodiola Rosea & Huperzine A.
Nootropics are an interesting class of ingredients and making their way into numerous pre-workouts and energy based products.

Nootropics actually work to increase mental function and brain function to give you a clean, focused energy and sense of well-being.


This is the part of the review everyone is really waiting for. The focus and clarity of training on this product were very impressive. Not only did I feel I had more power to go for longer but it was a focused energy.


There is no energy hit, numbing face tingles or anything like that when it comes to this product.

It does, however, provide you with a great workout every time you train on it.

The performances were good with ample muscle power throughout the workout. I also felt a nice boost in mental clarity training on this product.

The pumps were also good, really good actually. The product formula looks good on paper and it really lives up to the hype.

Being caffeine free this also makes this is a great product for stacking alongside a stimulant based pre-workout such as Total War.

For a comprehensive non-stimulant pre-workout it's hard to go passed Big Noise. Clinically dosed performance boosters, top-rated pump inducers along with a comprehensive focus blend.

Being caffeine free this makes Big Noise suitable for late-night workouts and stacking alongside a stim based pre.

Redcon1 are making quite a splash in the supplement industry and after reading this I' sure you can see why.

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