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Core Nutritionals Core Load

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What Is Core Nutritionals Core Load?

Core Nutritionals Core Load is one of the most potent Glucose Disposal Agents (GDA's) currently available on the market.

What to expect from Core Load:

  • Skin Splitting Muscle Pumps
  • Increased Use Of Carbohydrates 
  • Decreased Glycogen Storing
  • Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Core Load has set out to change the way in which carbohydrates (glycogen) are metabolised and utilised in the body. Too often, we consume too much glycogen than our body needs. With this abundance in energy, our body tends to want to store this as body fat, rather than be utilised. 

Core Load encourages Glycogen to be stored in muscle cells and utilised through the following ingredients:

  • Green Coffee Extract 2000mg - Increases nutrient partitioning and insulin sensitivity.
  • GS4 Plus® 1000mg - Promotes healthy blood glucose levels/reduces plasma glucose levels.
  • Berberis Aristata 774mg - Supports healthy blood glucose metabolism
  • Bananba Extract 125mg - Increases insulin sensitivity and decreases blood glucose levels. 

How Do I Take It?

For best results take 6 capsules with 1-2 high carb meals throughout the day. This would ideally be first thing in the morning and post-workout.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is $99.95 and 30 serves making is $3.33 a serve.

Should I Take Anything Else For Best Results?

For a complete recomposition stack to go with Core Nutritionals Core Load, try adding the muscle hardening agent, Core Hard to the stack!

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