Energy Foods

The timing and consumption of of food can be a very important factor when it comes to fuelling for performance, providing you with energy whilst exercising and assisting you with recovery.

Not providing your body with enough energy efficient, fuel based, food and macronutrients can have a huge decrease in overall training performance.

Energy Foods

The following are some top energy filled pre workout superior food options you may consider before your next training session too boost your performance...

Rice Cakes

  • Quick digesting
  • Lowers GI stress a larger meal can bring
  • Prove readily available energy

Dried Fruits

  • Provides a quick burst of energy
  • Dried fruits are highly concentrated sugar source which will results in an instantaneous fuel boost
  • Important around the time of a workout as it will be efficiently used as fuel during exercise
  • Can contain plentiful amounts of antioxidant properties e.g. goji berries


  • A complex carbohydrate
  • Rich in fiber
  • Provides a gradual steady release of energy, rather than a spike then crash
  • Old fashioned, steel cut oats are your best go to as they are less processed and will contain more complexity and fiber

Sweet Potato

  • A complex carb - will provide sustained energy throughout intense training
  • Rich in the mineral Potassium - an electrolyte important for providing maximum muscle contraction and hydration

Jasmine Rice

  • Great for a pre workout fuel source
  • Fast digesting
  • Has less fiber than brown rice, so will be lighter on the stomach and not as heavy.
  • Great for bulking as it is calorie dense but easy to eat.
  • Will supply your muscles and brain with fuel necessary to keep your workout strong from the begginging to end.
  • Great for lifting as your stomach wont be disrupted.

Food for Fuel

As you can see, most of these fuelling, energy foods are based from the macro nutrient carbs. Carbs are the muscles prominent energy source. Choosing the right option, portion intake and simply listening to your body, will provide you and your body with the amazing effort, volume and intensity needed for the best possible workout you can have. Fuel your body right!

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