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Top 5 Pre-Workout Supplements 2015

Top 5 Pre-Workout Supplements 2015

Top 5 Pre-Workout Supplements 2015

It's been a big year since we did our year of these reviews, but it's now time to name the Top 5 pre-workout supplements 2015! Now these are not necessarily the top selling or most popular pre-workouts on the market. These are hand picked by the crew here at based on:
  • Formula: Ingredient profile, dosing of ingredients and how well it's been put together
  • Effect: Does the formula deliver on the promises/expectations?
  • Flavour: Quality of flavour systems and number of options of available
  • Repeat Performance: Ability to deliver consistently goo results.
  • Value for Money: Price per serve and what you actually get for your money
In no particular order here our the Top 5 pre-workouts 2015!

Blackstone Labs Dust V2

Blackstone Labs Dust V2This one impressed the hell out of us! We all liked Angel Dust-but this took things to a whole new level. Complete formula overhaul on the formula,packaging and flavours.

Energy is strong but clean and very long lasting. The caffeine/di-caffeine malate means sustained energy throughout the workout. At of this stimulant blend is betel nut. This increases adrenaline for better focus,energy and performance.

You also get a clinical dose of beta-alanine for increased performance.

The real standout of the formula is the pump blend. Citrulline,agmatine and novalline work together for some truly amazing muscle pumps. This was a  lagging factor in Angel Dust but is now very impressive in Dust V2.

Amazing flavours and with a true 1 scoop formula the value for money is also quite good

Core Nutritionals Fury Extreme

Core Nutritionals Fury ExtremeWithout doubt the most complete pre-workout we have seen in some time-or maybe ever. The original Fury was a great product-but this Fury Extreme has really stepped it up the game. With full clinical dosing on all ingredients means you get on hell of a product. Performance,energy,focus,pumps-this has all of them in spades. If you wrote down a list of everything you could ever want in a pre-workout-Fury Extreme would be it. Great flavours as always and no artificial colours is a nice bonus on any Core Nutritionals product. With 28 serves for $79.95 this is the most expensive pre-workout on the group. However taking into consideration what's actually in a scoop-you can the value in it and you'll certainly feel it when you take it.  

Hybrid Nutrition Endo Fuel

Hybrid Nutrition Endo FuelThe upgraded replacement for the popular PreAMP. Endo Fuel is very different from your standard pre-workouts. This primes your body for better performance and recovery. Promote increased exercise capacity and cell adaptation to stresses of training. In addition to this you also get a great energy,focus blend which produces extremely clean energy. With a combination of glyercol and agmatine you also get some crazy muscle pumps. Flavour is amazing like all things Hybrid Nutrition.1 scoop is more than sufficient and this is like the quiet achiever. You have a great workout every time but almost don't feel how much it's driving you to perform. The most unique product in the top 5 pre-workout supplements 2015 but a real gem.          

MTS Nutrition Clash

MTS Clash Pre-WorkoutIt's no secret we love us some MTS and their pre-workout Clash is no exception. Clinically dosed with creatine,beta-alanine and agmatine this is one serious pre-workout. Energy is strong without being over the top,performance is great and pumps are disgusting! The 2 scoop serve also means it's easy to do half a serve for smaller body parts if you wish. Now available in 3 flavours there is plenty of variety and they all taste amazing. It is a touch more expensive with 20 serve instead of the standard 30 but they are seriously loaded serves and you'll never need more than 1 serve. Another impressive product from MTS Nutrition. It made the cut last year and again this year for the Top 5 Pre-Workout Supplements 2015.          

Core Nutritionals Pump

Core Pump

The non-stimulant king from Doug Miller. This one has a serious formula with big doses of very effective ingredients. You get agmatine for crazy pumps,hydromax glycerol for cell volumisation and nitrosogine for extended pumps and plasma volume. These work very well together and you'll have skin splitting,dense muscle pumps throughout the whole workout and beyond. Being non-stimulant it can be taken solo or stacked with a stim based pre-workout if you like. Flavour like all things Core are on point and and the dosing on each ingredient is excellent. At just under $70 for 28 serves it isn't cheap but when you look at the dosing and compare if amongst the competition-it's not bad value for money. You know it's good when it's the only non-stimulant product to make our top 5 pre-workouts supplements 2015. Doug Miller knows a thing or two about supplements which is very obvious in this product.   That's it! The Top 5 pre-workout supplements 2015 brought to you by A wide variety of products with varying energy levels and applications but all great products.

These have been hand picked by our crew here at HQ as the top picks for the year and some of our personal favourites. Look in the supplement cupboard (yes,it's a big one ;)) at Spartansuppz HQ and you'll find these products on hand as our preferred choices before hitting the gym.