Chemix King of Pumps Pre-Workout

Size: 20/40 Serves
Flavour: Rainbow Pop
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Chemix King of Pumps Pre-Workout

King of Pumps by Chemix is a powerful pump pre-workout.

Made with proven ingredients King of Pumps delivers the ultimate recipe for chasing crazy pumps in the gym.

Love to train and love a great pump even more? You're going to love this!

Loaded with proven doses of the best ingredients Chemix have made the GOAT pump pre-workout.

 Take it solo or stack it with your caffeine hit of choice for a seriously pumped training session. 

Key Benefits of King of Pumps

  • Promotes dramatically enhanced pumps
  • Supports increased strength 
  • 100% Caffeine-free-take it anytime during the day/night
  • Stacks with any other stimulant based pre-workout
  • Formulated by legend Guerrilla Chemist

What do we like about King of Pumps at Spartans?

King of Pumps lives up to the name. The performance is great and the pumps are next level. Proven ingredients and formulated by Guerrilla Chemist you know this is legit.

This has 4 trademarked ingredients and a monster serve to deliver results. One serve and we're confident you'll know what all the fuss is about. 

How do I take King of Pumps for best results?

Mix 1 scoop in at least 400ml of water and consume. The more water, the better for pumps especially with this pre-workout. Take this 20-30 minutes before you hit the gym to give it time to get to work.

PS: You can also stack this with a stim based pre to really amp the workout up! 

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