Myoblox Blo Pre Workout 40 Serves / Boom Pop - Pump Non Stim
Myoblox Blo Pre Workout 40 Serves / Bubblegum Sherbet - Pump Non Stim
Blo 2.0 by Myoblox

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40 Serves
Boom Pop
Bubblegum Sherbet

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Myoblox Blo: Pre-Workout without the Crash

Blo is a complete pre-workout with ZERO caffeine. This is designed to improve muscle power and performance in the gym without a crash.

Training late at night doesn't mean you should sacrifice your workout performance.

Blo provides the fuel your body needs to train harder, stimulate more muscle & get some crazy pumps.

Being caffeine-free this can also be stacked with your favourite pre-workout too.

Benefits of Blo Pre-Workout

  • 100% Caffeine Free
  • Perfect for Late Night Workouts
  • Supports Muscle Pumps
  • Encourages Muscle Power
  • Stacks with any stim-based pre-workout

What do we like about Blo at Spartans?

Myoblox have put together a smart formula to deliver results you can feel. This means more pumps, more power and better results in the gym!

Flavours are really good and we like to stack this with Loco for an epic pre-workout stack.


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Note: Dietary supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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