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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
Psychotic Black is a high energy pre-workout for promoting energy, focus and pumps.

How do I use it?
Mix 1 scoop with 300ml of water 15 minutes prior to training.

Who is this for?
This product is for those looking to take their training to the next level, and workout like never before.

If you're psychotic, or even a little possessed then this is the pre-workout for you.

Insane Labz, as the name suggests is designed for those who want to go psycho in the gym and demand the best from the products.

Psychotic Black has been designed to increase physical performance and delay fatigue. Nothing has been skimped on with this product so you get a potent hit to push performances in the gym.

Energy comes from a blend of 3 different caffeine sources. This provides a fast-acting burst of energy that gets you going very quickly but also sustains you throughout the entire workout. Di-Caffeine Malate provides you with smooth energy so you come back down to normal without a crash!

This is not your average 2-3 scoops required entry-level pre-workout. Psychotic Black uses patented ingredients and a true one scoop maximum formula to deliver insane energy and focus in the gym.

The mental focus is delivered from a blend of tyrosine, taurine, and l-carnitine l-tartrate. You'll be zoned in, focused, and feel a euphoric sense of energy and well-being.

What Are The Key Ingredients In Psychotic Black?

Psychotic Black contains several key ingredients for enhancing performance. Those are:

  • Creatine Monohydrate: A well known performance-enhancing ingredient for promoting muscle strength.
  • Beta-Alanine: Known for the ability to delay fatigue and increase muscular endurance during exercise.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: A stimulant that increases energy, focus, and mental alertness.
  • Di-Caffeine Malate: A slow-release caffeine that yields longer-lasting energy, and also provides a gradual decline in energy afterwards reducing the 'crash' sensation.
  • L-Tyrosine: An amino acid that helps mental alertness and focus.

Why Take A Pre-Workout?
A pre-workout can be a great supplement to add to your stack if you are someone who struggles for energy or motivation before training. Or if you are someone who needs that extra kick to get through big sessions.

When Do I take Psychotic Black?
For best results mix 1 serve of Psychotic Black in 400ml cold water 15-30 minutes before your workout. If you want some extra kick and you've already assessed your tolerance you can use up to 2 scoops of this product.

Who Can Take Psychotic Black?
Psychotic Black is a strong pre-workout, and for that reason, we recommend it to only experience pre-workout users.

Does Psychotic Black Have Any Side Effects
Provided you follow the label instructions there should be no side effects.

Should I Stack It With Anything Else?
Yes, you can stack this with a non-stimulant pre-workout such will help fuel an even better workout!

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