Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein Powder

Size: 25 Serves
Flavour: Vanilla
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Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein Powder

Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein Powder is a delicious plant-based protein powder that fuels lean muscle gains and promotes incredible performance and recovery. Packed with high quality, plant-derived protein, All Natural Plant Protein includes added vitamins and minerals to support your health and fitness goals from multiple angles. And because it is high in fibre, and gluten-, dairy- and allergen-free, All Natural Plant Protein digests with ease and is suitable for almost any diet.


  • 100% natural vegan protein
  • 20g protein per serve
  • Additional gut health ingredients and digestive enzymes
  • Low carb and low fat

Our Thoughts

We’re sure you already know the benefits of vegan protein: dairy-free for those sensitive to lactose, generally lower in calories and fat, and suitable for anyone on a plant-based diet. But the real difference with Muscle Nation’s All Natural Plant Protein is in the taste! Not chalky, easy to blend and digest, and available in all their infamous, decadent Muscle Nation flavours… All Natural Plant Protein is an all-day treat that you never need to feel guilty about.


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