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NOW Foods Vitamin D-3

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What is NOW Foods Vitamin D-3? 

NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 is a high dosed vitamin D supplement.

This is a very crucial fat soluble vitamin which is involved in a number of functions within the human body.

This is often referred to the sunshine vitamin as it is produced by the body in response to exposure to the sun. 

Vitamin D is vital to the absorption of calcium and phosphorus which play a very vital role in body density/strength. Typically calcium has quite low absorbency but vitamin d increases the utlisation to maximise the effect.

If you don't take in enough of this essential vitamin you have an increased likelihood of fragile/soft bones and conditions such as osteoporosis.

Another fantastic benefit of vitamin d is the effects is has on mood and depression.

Getting in sufficient amounts of the vitamin will improve general sense of well-being,bone density and strength in the gym.

Symptoms of low levels include general tiredness/fatigue,bone/muscle weakness & stress fractures.

Food sources are typically quite low in this nutrient so it's ideal to supplement with it especially in the winter months when sun light exposure is very minimal.

How do I take it?

For best results take 1-2 capsules daily with breakfast in the morning.

How much does it cost?

This product is $29.95 and has 120 serves making it $0.25/serve.

Should I take anything else with this for best results?

For a great general health/digestion supplement we'd recommend taking Blackstone Labs Juiced Up. This is a very complete product and fits in well with NOW Foods Vitamin D-3.

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