Post Workout Nutrition 101

When it comes to muscle gain, ultimately nutrition is key. You can train as hard as you want, but if your diet isn't in check or you aren't consuming enough calories you are seriously affecting you potential gains!

Nutrient timing plays a big role in muscle growth, ideally you want to be consuming a bulk amount of your carbohydrates and calories around training (Pre-Intra-Post) to help maximise performance, and muscle growth.

So, with that being said what are the Best Post Workout Foods? We've compiled a comprehensive list called Post Workout Nutrition 101 of some of the best foods you can consume to maximise your gains!

Post Workout Nutrition 101

The Best Post Workout Foods are ideally going to help you:

  1. Refuel muscle and liver glycogen stores.
  2. Produce new muscle protein and other adaptive cellular components.
  3. Replace fluids and hydration.

A meal comprising of lean proteins and an easily digested carbohydrate source.


Protein is critical post training. The amino acids which form protein are responsible for repairing the micro-tears and stress caused from resistance training.

So ensuring that you are getting a high quality fast absorbing protein source is ideal. We recommend a Whey Protein Isolate shake for this. Due to is rapid absorption and ease of use it makes for an ideal post training protein source.

Consuming around 0.4g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight is an ideal starting point for your post workout shake, so to put that into perspective:

  • A 100kg male would ideally consume 40g of whey protein post training.

  • A 60kg female would ideally consume 24g of whey protein post training.

Brands such as Rule 1 Isolate or UPS ISO make for a great choice.

Roughly 60 minutes post training we also recommend getting a secondary protein source to help further recovery.

For this protein source, go for whole lean foods like chicken breast, or fish. These are some of the Best Post Workout Foods you can consume due to their low fat and high protein content. Click Here to read our article on other great lean protein sources.


Carbohydrates are also crucial to your post workout nutrition. Carbohydrates are going to ensure you recover properly, by replenishing you muscle & liver glycogen levels. Ensuring you are right to perform at a high level again the following day.

Simple carbohydrate sources such as white rice are a perfect post workout carb source. The reasoning for this is that they create a significant insulin spike within the body.

Insulin is responsible for the transportation of glycogen within the body and helps shuttle nutrients & minerals to the muscle. This is a critical aspect of the recovery process. As the more nutrients we can transport into the muscle quickly after training, the better the recovery and muscle growth we can ultimately achieve.

For optimal recovery and insulin release consuming between 0.8-1.2g of carbohydrates post training is ideal.

Heres a break down of how that would work out for our above mentioned male & female:

  • A 100kg male would ideally consume between 80-120g of carbohydrates post training.

  • A 60kg female would ideally consume between 50-75g of carbohydrates post training.


While fats are an essential macro nutrient, typically they are not ideal for consumption immediately post training. The reason behind this is that fats are very slow digesting when compared to carbohydrates.

So when consumed alongside our fast absorbing nutrients its slows down the entire process.


Fluids also play a crucial role in our Post Workout Nutrition 101 list.

The role of fluids is essential to rehydrate post training. And while water is great, we do sweat out more than just water. Thats why it's important to supplement with a well dosed BCAA product such as Hybrid Nutritions Aminoade.

These BCAA formulas help increase hydration as well as restore key minerals and electrolytes which are lost through sweat in exercise.

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