Carbohydrate Timing

Carbohydrate timing is a controversial topic that is often misunderstood. We're going to cut through the garbage right here and now so you have the tools you need to take advantage of this powerful nutrient.

Utilised correctly carb timing can be very beneficial for increasing performance,glucose uptake in the cells,blocking cortisol and accelerating recovery.

What is Carbohydrate Timing?

Carb timing simply refers to the manipulation of your daily carbohydrate intake throughout the day to take advantage of insulin.

When it comes to improving performance the ideal scenario is to take in the bulk of your carbohydrates around your workout. Pre,intra and post workout nutrition is where carbohydrates can be the most beneficial as they are the most powerful insulin driving macronutrient.

The most important factor above all else for making progress is your daily macronutrient totals. This is the amount of protein,carbohydrates and fat you take i on a daily basis. That being said it can be very advantageous to manipulate your carbohydrate intake around training times.

A Little Science

The whole reason to play with carbohydrate intake as certain times of the day is to take advantage of insulin. This is a powerful hormone which can be very beneficial for performance and recovery.

Carbohydrates stimulate the release of insulin and this action helps to drive nutrients. Think of insulin as the car that gets all the nutrients we require to grow and recover to the party.

Insulin is also very anti-catabolic and inhibits cortisol which breaks down muscle tissue.

How to Take Advantage

To maximise the insulin response we would recommend keeping your carbohydrate intake to your peri-workout nutrition. This means your pre-workout meal,workout nutrition (pre/intra/post workout supplementation) and your post-workout whole food meal.

A mix of real food and supplements is ideal at this time.

Pre-workout meal should consist of lean protein and complex carbohydrates such as rice,potatoesoats etc.

Your workout supplementation will be as below:

Pre-Workout: 10-30gm Karbolyn,5gm BCAA's,5gm Creatine

Intra-Workout: 25-50gm Karbolyn,10gm BCAA's

Post-Workout: 25-50gm Karbolyn/Dextrose,5gm Creatine

Recommended Supplements

Cyborg Sport Rocket Fuel

Max's Creatine X8

Hybrid Nutrition Aminoade

UPS Iso 85+

Post-workout whole food meal is going to be very similar to your pre-workout meal made up of a low fat protein source such as chicken breast or fish along with a complex carb such as rice.

In terms of the amounts of carbohydrates-this will vary based on the person. We'd recommend sticking with your current intake and following this structure adapting the numbers to suit your individual intake.


Taking advantage of the power of carbohydrate timing/insulin can be beneficial to increasing exercise performance,improving recovery and also staying leaner.

This protocol makes has been designed to be simple and versatile and can be adapted to any body type/size to accelerate your progress.

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