We are all open on ways, tips and suggestions to improve our overall general health and wellbeing.

The following changes are some fitness tips you could consider to try in your daily routine to improve and better your overall health and fitness.


Static Stretching Dynamin Stretching

This will prevent injury! Dynamic stretching involves stretching and holding the stretch. Performing this movement before working out with cold muscles and not have warmed up can do you damage. This is why static stretching, which involves active movement stretching is a safer option pre exercise. This could could include some lunges for legs and arm swings for up body.

Flat Treadmill Incline Treadmill

By upping your flat walk to an incline walk will make you feel the burn! It will also promote more muscle building

Crunches Planks
We suggest to do planks as they actually active and work the whole core which crunches don't also do. Set a goal... see how long you can hold for and increase time by 10seconds every time.
Sitting Down Standing Up

Have a sit down job? Take the advantage of moving around as often as you can. Sitting down for excessive amounts of time can cause the hamstring muscles to shorten, which effect flexibility. By standing up at your desk it will also encourage blood flow not only throughout your body but to your brain as well - which will encourage better, clearer thoughts and thinking. Give it a try!

Machines Free Weight

Both are great for burning calories and muscle building. However free weights are much more versitile and actually allow for more movement. They will provide full range of motion to the joints.

Static Stretching Foam Rolling

Are you tight and cramped up? Cant seem to release the tightness? We suggest using a foam roller. It will apply more direct pressure on the muscle and help massage you out. Foam rolling is great to use either pre or post workout.

Escalators Stairs
Yes this is one of the most cliché 'swap options' you have most likely heard a thousand times. Well let us tell you one more time... as it provides great benefits - in particularly calorie burning.
Exercising Alone Exercise with a Partner
Having a workout partner will motivate you, boost self esteem, push you harder and develop wonderful friendships. So exercising with a partner not only improves physical health but mental health also - its provides all types of benefits.


This tips are not rocket science. Just simple, logical and practical steps for improving health and fitness. Give them a go and live healthy!


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