How to Build Muscle

Struggling to build muscle? Or just after some tips on how to gain and maintain muscle?

Well, here you are... the top muscle building laws we recommend you abide by to keep those muscles full and that physique banging.

Eat More Protein

Protein is the top macronutrient needed in the diet. Not only does protein leave you feeling fuller for longer, in fact, most of our body is made up of protein. Protein is needed to....

  • build and repair tissue (helps you recover post workout)
  • make hormones, enzymes and other body chemicals
  • building bones, muscles, cartilage, blood and skin

Simply... just go and eat some protein!

Spartansuppz offer a wide variety of Protein Powders.

We do recommend still having real food protein sources, however, a protein powder is a very easy, convienient, delicious option to have. Our top protein powders are...

If you are lactose sensitive we can provide you with...

If you are Vegan you can choose...

Eat Your Greens

If you are the type of person that 'doesn't like the taste of vegetables' yet you can lift heavy weights, cause stress on your body, rip up your hands etc... toughen up! We're sure you can handle a few mouthfuls of vegetables.

Greens are packed with antioxidants, nutrients and provide endless amounts of benefits.

Although, we do recommend eating whole foods, a supplement such as Juiced Up is great for getting in some extra minerals and nutrients.

Don't Cut Out Fats

The body is not able to produce healthy fats, therefore, you must consume fats through diet. Fat helps lubricate and keep joints healthy, assists with cognitive functioning, helps you feel full and provides one with energy! You can't go and lift weights to help build muscle without energy.... can you?

You may consider supplementing a fish oil into your diet...

Meal Prep

We all know life can be busy and most of the time we are on run. Therefore, to avoid skipping and ensure you are getting in all your calories for the day... ensure you meal prep! No matter where you are, you will have no excuse to skip a meal. You can't build muscle by eating in a calorie deficit. Prep your meals and build that muscle!

Supplement BCAA's

Branch Chain Amino Acids are crucial for muscle growth. BCAA's,

  • prevent muscle breakdown
  • promote protein synthesis
  • assist in recovery
  • prevent feelings of fatigue
  • help with endurance

...and much more!

Supplement BCAA's to help with performance as well as help with muscle building.

Spartansuppz top BCAA's are...

Lift Heavy

You must lift weight that challenges you! This will help build strength and muscle.


Sleep is crucial for a healthy, functioning body, recovery and for your body to grow. While you sleep is when hormones are most active and at their peak - particularly the Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Sleep is important for muscle building. Try aim for 7-9 hours sleep per night.

If you are after some top sleep aids (which some can also help with recovery), here are our top sellers...


When it comes to muscle building, the main factors you should take seriously for optimum results are your diet, supplements, sleep and training.

Remember, results do not happen over night. Stay consistent, be persistent and in the end, it will show!

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