How To Properly Train The Deltoids
Now being a muscle group that is comprised of three major heads { anterior, medial and posterior} I believe that using fewer sets and opting for a wider variety of exercises is the most optimal way to train shoulders. Now that being said one size does not fit all and this is only what I’ve found to be the most optimal method for the majority of people. Two to three all out working sets are all thats needed with this method of training, if you go to absolute failure there is really not need to do it four to five times over. instead i focus on taxing every aspect of the strength curve, meaning taking the exercise to failure at different ranges of the motion/exercise.
So when looking at strength curves the best way to understand it is to look at how hard or how easy certain parts of an exercise is. For example if you’re doing a dumbbell side lateral raise the force angle will be at its greatest when your arm is parallel with the floor therefore the bottom range of the motion has barely any stimulus at all. So in order to hit this bottom range effectively doing the same exercise but lying or your side on a 45 degree bench will be a great choice for this scenario.
The same method can be applied but in reverse for hitting the top range more effectively. Doing a dumbbell side lateral raise whilst leaning off something will now make the top range that you normally wouldn’t hit much the hardest point.
By training with this I’m mind i believe you will now be able to stimulate areas that may not have been hit that well before giving you a more three dimensional look to your delts with a much larger cap and a rounder shoulder. There are many other ways of doing this with practically any exercise by implementing the use of bands or using cables or even using certain machines. One thing to take note of though is to ensure the weight you’re using is correct for the exercises being performed.
Hitting different parts of the strength curve and making the exercise more difficult in a part that is usually easy can result in injury if the appropriate weight is not being used. I generally recommend using 20-30% less weight when working in these areas when doing it for the first time as i can just about promise you’ll be weaker and need to adjust the weigh to cater for that. Over time the weight at all parts of the curve will even out but more than likely always be stronger at the conventional method of doing the exercise due to your bodies physiological make up.

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