Research has found, regardless of body mass and size, consuming roughly 40g of protein post workout is greatly beneficial!

Consuming 40g will allow your body to experience a greater degree protein synthesis and promote muscle building.

Meal Ideas

Here are some examples we have put together of some muscle building post workout recovery meals.

Each meal roughly contains 40 grams of protein - your post workout protein goal.

Of course you have the flexibility of changing up these these meals ideas, however, just keep in mind and be aware of your your macro nutrient goals, if you have any.

Ideally, a good post workout meal contains a good amount of protein and carbs with minimal or no fats for optimal recovery.

Most meals are a healthy, filling 300 calories or more.

40 grams of Protein

Tuna & Crackers

150g Canned Tuna
in Springwater

4 Ryvita Crackers


Calories | 302

Protein | 39g

Carbs | 28g

Fat | 2g

Chicken & Rice

150g Chicken
(raw weight)

125g Cooked Brown Rice


Calories | 368

Protein | 37g

Carbs | 35g

Fat | 6g


1 & 1/2 Scoops Protein
(Rule 1)

30g (1/4) Oats

*Cook oats, allow to cool slightly (to avoid protein curdeling) then mix in protein - delish!


Calories | 312

Protein | 41g

Carbs | 26g

Fat | 4g

Steak & Sweet Potato

150g Lean Beef
(raw weight)

150g Sweet Potato (raw weight)


Calories | 306

Protein | 37g

Carbs | 31g

Fat | 3g


170g Plain Low Fat Chobani Greek Yoghurt

1 Scoop Protein Powder

(Rule 1)

100g Blueberries

* Mix your scoop of protein into your yoghurt


Calories | 291

Protein | 42g

Carbs | 21g

Fat | 0g


So as we said, you have the flexibility to change these meal options to whatever you like. You can use apps, such as 'MyFitnessPal' to track your macronutrients and plan meals which contain 40 grams of protein.




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