The Best Fitness Apps For Tracking Progress

The Best Fitness Apps For Tracking Progress

Fitness plays an important role in keeping our bodies healthy, Unfortunately, most people do not get enough exercise to accommodate the needs of their body. An estimated 33% of adults obtain a sufficient amount of exercise. More than 95% of adults are not physically active for at least 30 minutes on a daily basis.

Getting started with a new fitness routine can be challenging. With the right tools at your disposal, however, you can keep yourself motivated. We take a closer look at some of the top fitness apps that you can use to track your progress. Each app is ideal for a specific purpose. When combined, these tools give you more data to work with when you are aiming to become healthier and work on your overall fitness.

1. Tracking Calories: My Fitness Pal

When it comes to losing weight, you need to focus on more than just your fitness routine. Many people who are only getting into a new workout program tend to have some extra pounds that they need to shed. When you exercise but do not take note of what you eat, then you are not going to achieve a calorie deficit.

My Fitness Pal is a great option for tracking both calories burnt and calories consumed. The app gives you access to a massive database that is loaded with more than 11 million different foods. You simply enter details about the food you eat, and the app automatically loads data from its database. This way, you always know how many calories you consumed with each meal or even when you have a snack.

My Fitness Pal is more than just a calorie counter, however. The app focuses on providing the user with a range of educational resources too. By logging data related to your activities and calories consumed, you learn more about the food you eat, identify exercises that burn more calories, and determine specific meal options that may be more beneficial for your fitness journey.

2. Tracking Workouts & Progress: BodySpace

Keeping yourself motivated to get up and start moving every day can be tough. With BodySpace, you gain access to an entire community that helps you keep track of your progress, while also giving you the motivation you need. BodySpace is a free app that gives you access to a wide variety of programs.

You can set up a personal profile for yourself on the app. Once your profile is up, you can record your activities. Challenges also help to make the app more interactive. By joining challenges, you get goals to work toward. When you have specific goals in mind, then you have reasons for getting up every day.

3. Tracking Activity & Sleep: Fitbit

While it is useful to plot down details about your fitness routine, having a more accurate way of measuring your performance is always useful. This is where the Fitbit app comes into the picture. Combined with a Fitbit watch, this app gives you vital data related to your fitness habits. You can track the number of calories you burn, your heart rate, and even get a better idea of your sleep patterns by simply wearing the device. The watch syncs with your smartphone and delivers real-time data as you move throughout your daily life. There are different Fitbit watches on the market, which makes it easier to find one that fits into the budget you have.

4. Tracking Goals: JEFIT

It is always useful to track the progress you make throughout your fitness program - but motivation often comes from having something to work toward. With this in mind, having a system that allows you to set up and track your goals can be very helpful.

JEFIT is a multi-platform system that can be used on your desktop, as well as your smartphone. Apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. The app also offers compatibility with certain smartwatches.

With the JEFIT platform, you can set up goals that you want to strive toward. In addition to goals, you can also plan out your workouts step-by-step. You can set up an entire workout program, and then track your performance as you progress through the activities. The platform also focuses on helping to keep you motivated. Once you register an account, you gain access to a workout community with more than eight million members. You can easily interact with others and even compare your workout routine to how other members work out. Share your routine to get feedback from people who have been into fitness for many years and learn in the process.

5. Tracking Mindfulness: Insight Timer

Throughout your journey to become fit and reach an ideal body composition, you need to ensure you take some time to reflect on your performance and wind down too. This is where Insight Timer can be a useful app. While the app does not specifically track factors related to fitness, it rather gives you an opportunity to be mindful.

The app gives you access to a wide library of content. Easily browse through the tracks and videos available on the app, and use them to practice mindfulness at your own pace. This, in turn, helps you gain the ability to keep on track throughout your journey. In addition to giving you access to these resources, Insight Timer can also be a useful tool to track your mindfulness habits. You can see how much time you have spent on mindfulness sessions, and then make appropriate adjustments as needed. For example, you could identify an opportunity to increase mindfulness time before you go to bed - as this would help you sleep better.


Attending to your body’s needs can be tough. Whether you want to lose weight or simply improve your fitness, you need to ensure you are able to keep track of your performance. The apps we share in this post will help you stay on top of different data related to your well-being, weight management, and fitness programs.


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