Top 3 Supplements for Building Mass

Top 3 Supplements for Building Mass

In this guide Spartansuppz breaks down the Top 3 supplements for building mass and putting on some serious size.

Find out the exact supplement formula to gain mass like never before!

These top 3 supplements for building mass can provide a MASSIVE boost to your muscle building efforts when combined with a consistent hypertrophy

When it comes to picking the 3 best supplements to build mass, we’re talking the best of the best. T here are 3 absolute essentials steps we need to cover in order to build lean muscle mass.

Three steps for muscle gain

Increase Calories

A surplus of calories helps weight gain.

Increase Protein Intake

Essential macronutrient for muscle recovery.

Increase Resistance Training

Overload weights to maximise muscle growth.

So, what are the 3 supplements for building mass?

#1 Whey Protein

This is top of the list for good reason. As we just mentioned you need enough protein to fuel muscle recovery and fuel the building of new cells. Whey protein is ideal for this as it is naturally high in protein and also low in carbohydrates and fats.

It’s a high amount of branched chain amino acids and fast digestion also makes it ideal for around training times.

A couple of god choices are listed below. These are both very popular, have a huge range of flavours to choose from and offer great value for money.

A whey protein blend like these ones offers the best of both worlds (WPI & WPC) and are very versatile.

Adding a protein shake to your breakfast and post-workout will only help reach your protein intake for the day but also accelerate muscle recovery. Studies show a fast-acting protein source immediately post-workout is optimal for muscle repair and growth.

For muscle building, a great allrounder protein is Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey.

#2 Creatine

Another powerhouse when it comes to putting on muscle size. Creatine doesn’t actually directly build muscle, but it does help to stimulate the muscle building protein. Creatine recycles ATP, the energy source of the body for explosive efforts such as weight training. Adding creatine to your supplement plan will allow you to train harder and stimulate more muscle mass.

We’d recommend sticking with creatine monohydrate. It is the most researched and effective. It also happens to be very cost effective.

For guys take 10gm post-workout, girls take 5gm post-workout. On non-training days we recommend taking your creatine in the morning with breakfast.

There are numerous types of creatine on the market. Our favourite Creatine Monohydrate for strength and power is ATP Science Creatine Monohydrate.

#3 Testosterone Boosters

This is not often seen in most Top 3 Supplements for Building Mass lists. However, this is a real advantage when it comes to building muscle. Testosterone is your muscle building potential. Higher testosterone means better strength, faster recovery and converting more protein into muscle mass.

For those reasons, it’s obvious that having elevated testosterone levels would be very advantageous.

Simply take 1 serve once a day in the morning upon waking.

Utilise higher amounts of protein, increase strength faster and recover quicker between workouts.

This also compliments the other ingredients perfectly.

Note: We would not recommend using a testosterone booster if you are under 20 years of age

Our favourite testosterone booster at the moment is Neanderthal from Primeval Labs.

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