Weight Gain

The holiday season is fast approaching!

Packing on some weight during this time, in most cases, is inevitable.

However, do you want to avoid that festive season weight gain?

Well look no further! Here are some logical, strategic tips and suggestions to keep you on track. They will also still enable you to enjoy the merry times and what this special season has to offer.

Eating on a empty stomach is a very bad idea. By eating, in particular foods high in fat, it will slow down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. This will prevent sickness or getting silly to quickly. Keep in mind, that alcohol will dehydrate you. We recommend to consume water in between drinks. This will slow down the rate of your drink consumption and keep your fluids up. Keep in mind alcohol is full of calories! Especially be mindful of 'mixed drinks'. If being calorie conscious, it is best to go for straight alcohol or mix drinks with soda water over soft drinks or juices.

People often skip a meal before an event to 'save their appetite'. However, this may lead to binge eating at the event. Our advice is to eat a reasonable meal beforehand, aiming to consume food high in protein, which will save you any urges of binge eating later on.

We recommend consuming food high in protein as it will leave you feeling fuller for longer. For a healthier alternative, at functions we suggest opting for the leaner meats available such as...

  • Turkey
  • Roast Chicken

For vegetarian options, we suggest...

  • Quinoa
  • Lentils
  • Beans

Eat and chew slowly! Enjoy the food. Enjoy the taste, enjoy the smell, enjoy the overall experience. It may be hard to pace yourself when you are faced with an array of option, but you will thank yourself later. It is also important to eat slowly as you give your body time to process and communicate with you, letting your know 'I'm full'. Indulging too quickly, will not allow time for your body to register it's fullness.

We also suggest to wait between meals, before going for seconds. This allows the body once again to register its fullness. You may in fact realise by waiting roughly 20 minutes between meals that you may not be as hungry, or hungry anymore.

Take advantage of vegetables. This may not sound appetising to some, however, during the holiday season, the vegetables are often beautiful seasoned and roasted - this makes them very appetising! An abundance of salads is also often provided for you to fill up on - just be wary of creamy dressings, cheese and croutons.

This is the hardest temptation to avoid during this holiday season... the treats! However, we all now sugar is not the best thing for us. If you are strong enough to resist temptation, we suggest sticking to sugar in its most natural form - fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

If you do opt for sweets, try small tastes of several options as opposed to one large slice of the same flavour to satisfy your cravings.

By white stuff, we mean bread and as already stated refined sugar. This foods give bursts of energy and yes, are delicious, however they are calorie dense and lack nutrients.

Try sticking to whole grains and protein as these foods are nutrient dense and will keep you fuller for longer.

Drinking water between meals will...

  • help you digest your food better
  • prevent you from over eating as you will feel full
  • be less calories, carbs and the healthiest drink option available

Feel free to treat yourself with a alcoholic beverage with dinner and enjoy the festivities, however, try and stick to water the rest of the night.

So yes, we admit, the upcoming season is a tricky one to avoid temptation. However, there is a time and place to not be so strict and simply enjoy life.

Take some of the suggestions provided into consideration and it will hopefully have you feeling more guilt free over the season.

Know your limits, keep food in moderation and remember, you only live life once.

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