Lose Weight While You Sleep!

Chances are you’ve heard how important sleep is, but you’ve likely never heard as to why...

Sleeping is our bodies form of putting the batteries on charge. This is when our body refuels and repairs from the rigours of the day we’ve had. Getting a quality nights sleep on a consistent basis will have our body in conjunction with our improved eating and exercise plan will have us recovery well and performing even better. Treat your vehicle well and it will be in a great position to the deliver the fat loss performance we desire.

When our body is well rested is also keeps cortisol/stress levels low which is the optimal environment for fat loss.

Much like our exercise and eating habits, our sleep habits are just as important. Our bodies LOVE routine and regimentation. Although mixing up our exercise and foods can be a great change, avoid messing with your bodies sleep routine at all costs!

Have you ever slept in on a Sunday thinking you’d be waking up extra fresh, only to arise feeling sluggish and lethargic? More isn’t always better and consistency is king here.

I highly recommend sleep/waking up as close to the same time as possible and getting 7-9 hours sleep every night. Better batteries when you start your morning means optimal physical/mental performance throughout the day.

This is a very common business expression and is equally applicable when it comes to sleep. If you know you need to be in bed by 10pm to get a full nights sleep and be up at 6pm, then you need to start winding down at 9pm in order to be ready.

Little pointers that can help this can include avoiding stimulants in the 6 hours before bed, reading a book in the hour before bed and minimising or avoiding use of laptops/tablets/phones and allow your brain to wind down!

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