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MTS Nutrition Clash Fully Loaded

MTS Nutrition Clash Fully Loaded is the new, updated version of the original Clash.

Clash was one of the first clinically dosed pre workouts that was released onto the supplement market. MTS Nutrition CEO Marc Lobliner is not a man to be complacent & realized the original formula could do with some updating and introduced Clash Fully Loaded.

Like all MTS Nutrition products, Clash Fully Loaded is transparently labelled and in clinical dosages. Here's what it contains:

Product features:

-5000mg Creapure Creatine: Clinically dosed and the finest creatine source on the market. This is well researched to increase muscle power and strength. It allows you to lift harder in the explosive efforts before fatiguing.

-3200mg Carnosyn Beta-Alanine: Increased dosage compared to the original Clash. Carnosyn Beta Alanine is the highest quality Beta Alanine available on the market and is used to buffer fatigue.

-1500mg Agmapure Agmatine Sulfate: Potent nitric oxide booster. Agmatine is very concentrated and dramatically increase nitric oxide production.

- 2000g Betaine Anhydrous: Increases both aerobic and anaerobic metabolisms to improve endurance and exercise performance.

- 6000mg L-Citrulline: Full, clinical dosage of this amino acid. Citrulline helps increase vasodilation, nitric oxide and arginine levels in the body. This leads to huge muscular PUMPS!

- 100mg Teacrine: This is one of the biggest additions to Clash Fully Loaded. Teacrine provides clean & high amounts of energy and you don't crash off of it.

-500mg Tyrosine: Excellent for mental focus. This assists with cognitive function so you stay focused on the task at hand.

-250mg Caffeine: Widely research as increase CNS stimulation and energy for better workouts.

Clash Fully Loaded is a serious upgrade to the original Clash. Marc Lobliner has not mucked around with this formula and has increased the effects of energy, pumps, endurance and mental focus


Mix 1 scoops of MTS Nutrition Clash Fully Loaded in 300ml water 15-30 minutes before your workout.

If you are sensitive to caffeine we’d recommend starting out with just 1 scoop at first.


MTS Clash Fully Loaded is $69.95 and has 20 serves making it $3.50/serve.


We recommend using an amino acid supplement while you train and MTS Nutrition Machine Fuel is perfect for this. Combining this with MTS Nutrition Clash in a workout stack is ideal.