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Slingshot Multi-Purpose Wraps

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Slingshot Multi-Purpose Wraps

Multi-Purpose Wraps can be used for just about anything. These were designed to a one wrap fits all item.

They can be used as a wrist wrap,for elbow compression or even as a knee wrap.

Due to the longer length they are very versatile and have extra strong velcro to ensure they stay tight on whatever exercise you use them on.

If you want one pair of wraps you can use for everything you do in the gym-this is it. The Multi-Purpose Wraps are a softer material than the gangsta wraps. Designed with multiple uses in mind they are very versatile.

A quality wrap has a range of benefits. The expression is protect yourself before you wreck yourself. This couldn’t be more true. Staying safe and supported in the gym is crucial to making consistent progress over time.

Keeping joint tight and warm is simple and easy injury prevention that everyone should include.

Combined with some simple warm up and preparation work you can greatly reduce risk of injury.

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself. Staying safe in the gym is the real secret to making the best progress. Injuries mean less time training and less progressions. Maintain longevity not just for performance but for quality of life benefits later in life as well.

Just like the name suggests these Sling Shot Multi-Purpose Wraps can be used for literally anything.

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