5150 by 5 Percent Nutrition

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5150 by 5 Percent Nutrition

5150 by 5 Percent Nutrition is an extreme energy pre-workout. Designed for experienced supplement users looking to unleash the next level of gym performance, 5150 combines a massive 8 different types of caffeine for the ultimate energy rush to fuel incredible gym stamina. If that weren’t enough, 5150 is also specifically blended with amino acids and additional nutrients to enable better muscular performance and even helps enable recovery.


  • Ultra energy pre-workout
  • Patented caffeine and stimulant blend
  • Amino acids for muscular performance
  • Fuels endurance and stamina

Our Thoughts

When it comes to a pre-workout energy rush, the 5 Percent Nutrition team aren’t messing around. 5150 is one of the strongest, fastest working, most effective pre-workouts on the market, and it’s easy to see why. With 8 types of caffeine, plus tyrosine for mental focus, 5150 will sharpen your mind and pump up your muscles like nothing else. Be warned - 5150 is not suitable for double scooping, or taking anywhere near bedtime!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?
5150 by 5 Percent Nutrition is a high energy pre-workout designed to get you ready to go crazy in the gym. Not for the faint-hearted, 5 Percent Nutrition has created this product for experienced supplement users who feel as though they do not get the same kick out of their product as before.

Packing 8 different forms of caffeine into each and every serving, this product is not for beginners and should only be used by those who have used similar products in the past.

Aside from the high amounts of caffeine, 5 Percent Nutrition has also added Tyrosine for mental focus, L-Citrulline & Taurine for muscle pumps & Beta-Alanine for muscle endurance.

If your current pre-workout is not living up to the standard you were hoping for, be sure to give 5150 by 5 Percent Nutrition a go today!

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