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EHPlabs Pre-Workout Stack - Spartansuppz - 3
  • EHPlabs Pre-Workout Stack - Spartansuppz - 3
  • EHPlabs Pre-Workout Stack - Spartansuppz - 2
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EHPlabs Pre-Workout Stack


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EHPlabs Pre-Workout Stack

The EHPLabs pre-workout stack combines two supplements designed to maximise your workout performance.

Here's what you get in each stack:

1 x EHPlabs RP Max 50 serve

This is your hard hitting high energy performance booster. RP Max was designed for maximum energy and mental focus. The unique stimulant blend used in this product provides an intense energy and sense of alertness. You'l have sustained energy throughout your entire workout without any post-workout crash.

This blend has been designed to optimize CNS stimulation so you have the mental boost to get you motivated and your body is ready to follow suit.

You also get effective doses of proven performance booster beta-alanine. This is going to delay muscular fatigue so you can push it harder in the gym. Get more reps on each set and improve recovery between sets for great muscle stimulation.

Each ingredient in RP Max was carefully selected and dosed to compliment the other compounds and most importantly give you a great workout every time.

1 x EHPlabs PSI 40 Serve

This is a pre-workout designed to increase performance and pumps without any stimulants. If you train later at night or are sensitive to caffeine taking a high energy pre-workout isn't always the best option.

PSI delivers the same performance boost along with crazy muscle pumps without the use of caffeine.

This means you can take it anytime throughout the day without worrying about being kept awake of an evening.

Being caffeine free it's also fantastic for stacking!

The ingredients compliment RP Max perfectly for amazing workout performance every time.

This EHPlabs pre-workout stack gives you the flexibility to tailor your stack to the given workout o the day with ease.

For a high energy leg workout you can do a scoop of each product.

For a late night arms workout a scoop or two of PSI will be perfect!


For best results mix 1 serve of each product in the EHPlabs pre-workout stack in 400ml water and drink 15-30 minutes before your workout.

We recommend starting out with 1/2 serve of RP Max at first to asses your tolerance.


The stack costs $109.95 and has 90 total serves making it $1.22/serve.


This covers everything you need pre-workout but it's important to follow this up with a high quality BCAA product during your workout. Drink 1-2 scoops of Beyond BCAA.. This compliments the EHPlabs pre-workout stack perfectly for great workouts & maximum recovery.