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MTS Nutrition Aqua Shed

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MTS Nutrition Aqua Shed

1. What is itMTS Nutrition Aqua Shed is an all natural diuretic.


2. How to take it? Take 5 capsules in the morning and another 5 capsules after your midday meal. Do not take for more than 5 days straight. 


3. Cost? $39.95 for 105 capsules. 



MTS Nutrition Aqua Shed is an all-natural diuretic to help rid your body of excess water to help get a leaner, drier look.

Diuretics have been popular in the bodybuilding scene for many years and are generally used in the days leading up to an event to optimise their bodies look. Unfortunately, many unnatural diuretics that are used are often abused and can have incredibly detrimental effects on your health.

MTS has formulated Aqua Shed to be a safe, natural alternative that anybody can use to help drop weight and extra water. Here is what is in MTS Nutrition Aqua Shed:

  • Vitamin B6, Phosphorus & Potassium - As you lose water, Aqua Shed helps to replace these much-needed electrolytes.
  • Uva Ursi -  Helps to detoxify urine and is a natural diuretic
  • Dandelion Root Extract - One of the most widely used and effective natural diuretics. 
  • Goldenrod - Helps to reduce pain, swelling and increases urine flow. 
  • Juniper Berry - Rich in anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Buchu Leaf - Used for generations as a treatment for urinary tract infections and a diuretic
  • Bladderwrack - Helps to stimulate thyroid activity and metabolism. 

If you have been dieting for a long time and are getting down to a low body fat and are looking for the final piece of the puzzle, then look out for MTS Nutrition Aqua Shed. 

This is perfect to use to drop fast weight to make a certain weight category or to use to get rid of that last little bit of fluid to get that grainy physique.

It is important to use this product for no longer than 5 days.

    How Do I Take It?

    For best results, take 5 capsules first thing in the morning, then another 5 capsules 6-8 hours later. 

    Should I Take Anything Else For Best Results?

    For your full MTS body recomposition stack, be sure to use their ever popular fat burner Drop Factor. This is an absolute thermogenic powerhouse. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Good for appetite

    Good clean energy.
    Definitely suppresses appetite which can be good for morning fasting.


    Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse

    Good value

    Tastes well and I like the non stim so I can stack it with a pre work out. Still not sweating hard enough as claimed by Patrick

    ATP science subcut block E3 stack

    Been using for a week and definitely see an improvement


    Great brand & product, postage was quick :)